Woven Wire Jewelry


Woven Wire Jewelry Название: Woven Wire Jewelry: Contemporary Designs and Creative Techniques
Автор: Chandler L., Ritchey C.
Издательство: Interweave
Год: 2004
Размер: 11 mb
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 135
Язык: Английский

В этом руководстве представлена новая техника плетения из проволоки, позволяющая варьировать количество проволок и их толщину для создания потрясающе красивых браслетов, ожерелий и кулонов.
A new wire weaving technique that varies the number of wires and their thickness to create stunningly beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and pendants is introduced in this guide. Project instructions go well beyond simple line drawings to show the assembly process of each piece in a series of step-by-step photographs. The nine projects begin with an elegantly simple woven bracelet and move on to more dramatic projects that include a domed cuff bracelet with soldered bead ends, a free-form bracelet, a woven neck piece, and a pendant with a woven frame. Projects range in difficulty from easy to advanced, and many can be completed without soldering. The more experienced craftsperson will savor the way Precious Metal Clay adds striking embellishments to three of the projects

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