Der Fall Wlassow


Der Fall WlassowНазвание: Der Fall Wlassow
Автор: George Fischer
Язык: Немецкий
Издательство: Sonderdruck aus „Der Monat»
Год: 1951
Формат: djvu/pdf
Размер: 50.43 MB
Страниц: 44

The essay of George Fischer is an attempt to present the equally fascinating and revealing attempt of a detailed analysis of the phenomenon of the Soviet «collaboration» during the Second World War. It is focused, above all, on the anti-Stalinist movement launched by the former Soviet general lieutenant Andrey A. Vlasov. The author follows the deeper reasons for the many Western observers, who seem so incomprehensible to read countless Soviet citizens, to receive and support the German invaders of their homeland as liberators. George Fischer’s diagnosis diverges from all the interpretations made so far, insofar as he ascribes to his motives, at least as far as the time at the beginning of the war, an apolitical character, and essentially ascribes them to the political apathy and adaptability of the «Soviet man.» His explanation becomes more and more probable as soon as they are viewed against the backdrop of German «Ostpolitik», which treated all the inhabitants of the Soviet Union as «sub-human beings», ignoring their willingness to participate actively in the struggle against the Stalinist tyranny.


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