The Road K C3 B6niggr C3 A4tz Helmuth Austro Prussian

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The Road K C3 B6niggr C3 A4tz Helmuth Austro Prussian Book
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Before the War of 1866 the name of Helmuth von Moltke was scarcely known outside the Prussian army. His appointment as Chief of the General Staff was in many ways surprising, and he certainly did not himself expect it. He was thus put at the head of...
Title The Road K C3 B6niggr C3 A4tz Helmuth Austro Prussian
Category Germany
Author Quintin Barry
Publisher Helion and Company
Pub Date 2014-03-25
Number of Page 552
ISBN 1909384968
File Name the-road-k-c3-b6niggr-c3-a4tz-helmuth-austro-prussian-253577.pdf
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