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Gardens of Hell examines the human side of one of the great tragedies of modern warfare, the Gallipoli campaign of the First World War. In February 1915, beginning with a naval attack on Turkey in the Dardanelles, a combined force of British, Austral...
Title Gardens Hell Battles Gallipoli Campaign
Category Asia
Author Patrick Gariepy
Publisher Potomac Books
Pub Date 2014-05-15
Number of Page 392
ISBN 1612346839
File Name gardens-hell-battles-gallipoli-campaign-253641.pdf
Read 493
Last Read 2017-04-07 04:25:26
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In early August 1915, after months of stalemate in the trenches on Gallipoli, British and Dominion troops launched a series of assaults in an all-out attempt to break the deadlock and achieve a decisi...

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Reconsidering Gallipoli Jenny Macleod

The British cultural history of the Gallipoli Campaign has been overlooked until now - this is a significant book as it offers the first real opportunity for this important Campaign to be included in undergraduate courses on WWI. The commemoration of...

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Jan 30, 2014 - Mr Weatherill and Sam Worthington launched the Foxtel mini-series today at the South. Australian Film Corporation's Adelaide Studios.

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